Vision, Values & Objectives

Vision, Values & Objectives

“Together we aim to deliver: Homes, Communities and Services where people can thrive and prosper”

Our Values

Communicating with one another in a range of ways that are timely and informative

Approachable so that people can communicate with one another, share ideas and remain informed

Respectful of each others’ differences, values and opinions, treating everybody as they would wish to be treated

Empowering staff, customers and stakeholders to have real and meaningful input into the business

Supportive of each other, offering only constructive criticism and being willing to help make the service excellent


Our Objectives

  • Investing in the success of our homes, neighbourhoods and communities
  • Investing in empowering and growing the influence of our people
  • Investing in the sustainability of the local economy and environment
  • Investing in the growth and reputation of our business and successful partnerships