Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) has affordable homes to rent across Stafford Borough and surrounding areas.

Unlike private landlords, SARH do not ask for a deposit and you do not have to pay any agency fees. We only require that you pay the first week of rent up front.

Applications made for SARH homes are prioritised based on your current accommodation, personal circumstances and references.

Choice Based Lettings (CBL)

Most of our homes are let through CBL, where you can view and apply for SARH homes that suit your needs. This was previously known as ‘bidding’.

Homes Available Now

SARH have a selection of properties available to let immediately without following the above application process.

Apply for a home

To apply for an affordable rented home on Choice Based Lettings (CBL) you will first need to complete an online Housing Registration Form.

To complete the Housing Registration Form, you will need to provide:
• National Insurance number for yourself and any other household member over the age of 18.
• Addresses for you and your partner for the last 1 year, including the dates you moved in and out.
• Dates of birth for all household members.
• The value of your property and the amount of equity you have in your home (if you or any other members of your household are owner occupier).
• Income and savings amounts for you and your partner.

SARH require two suitable references for each applicant to be provided. Without them you will not be offered a home.

References should come from your existing or former landlord, existing or former employer or any other professional person. For example, if this is your first rented home, a professional person could be College teacher.
You can use our reference template to help with acquiring these.

Learn more about Applying for a Home.

What is Choice Based Lettings (CBL)?

SARH uses the Choice Based Lettings (CBL) online service to advertise all available homes.
• Homes are advertised on CBL each week from 9.00am Thursday until 11.59pm the following Tuesday.
• Customers are actively involved in choosing their home
• SARH provides feedback about the customers that secure a new home to give an indication of waiting times (personal information is not disclosed)
• SARH advertise homes for rent with other social and private landlords in Stafford Borough
• Information is also available to collect from SARH Head Office, Parker Court, Stafford Technology Park, Stafford ST18 0WP

The right home for your needs

In order to best place customers in the right homes for their needs, applicants are prioritised based on their current accommodation and personal circumstances. Applicants will be placed in one of four Housing Need bands, with Band 1 being the highest priority band.
Learn more about Housing Need bands.

Preparing to take on a home

From signing your tenancy agreement to helping you arrange low cost home contents insurance and finding out about local amenities, SARH will help you every step of the way.
Read our short guide for new SARH Customers.

Mutual Exchange

If you’re looking to move, you could swap your home with another customer through the Mutual Exchange process. A Mutual Exchange is a swap of accommodation between two or more customers. It relies on each party moving permanently into their exchange partner's property. SARH advertises homes that existing customers want to exchange to allow them to move.
Learn more about Mutual Exchanges.

What types of homes do SARH offer?

SARH homes include apartments and houses. In addition we offer a wide range of self-contained apartments and bungalows that have been specially designed as part of our Independent Living schemes.
These are designed to help customers over 55 – or, in exceptional circumstances, younger - live independently for longer. We also offer an Extra Care Scheme for those with additional medical needs.
Learn about applying for a home.

Stafford and Rural Homes use the Choice Based Lettings (CBL) online service to advertise available homes.
Learn how to apply for a home.

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