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A question of STATUS

Our latest customer survey took place at the end of 2008.  We survey every tenant  and leaseholder and more than 2300 customers replied.  The results are still being analysed but here’s the news so far.

Customer Contact

67% of respondents find it easy to get hold of the right person when calling SARH
81% think staff are helpful
70% said we’ve helped to deal with their problems

Repairs and maintenance

32% said our service had improved, 46% thought it had stayed the same
88% with happy with the attitude of our workers
80% were satisfied with our quality of work

We’ve noticed the need to improve our work in a couple of areas.  These include:

  • Scheduling our work better
  • Producing clearer information about our major works programme
  • Giving out better information on certain services to reduce customer queries

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