Delivering in an ‘ever’ changing world: an updated Corporate Plan for Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH). Reporting on progress towards the previously agreed objectives of Homes, Build and Growth and stretching targets to meet the needs of local people whilst retaining the values that have distinguished SARH since 2006.

SARH Corporate objectives for 2016-2021 (2018 Update)

SARH is committed to delivering the three key objectives in the Corporate Plan. These objectives will be delivered in a strong financial environment using modern technology. SARH will deliver high performing services for customers. SARH successfully secured new financing arrangements in 2016 to provide the flexibility to fulfil its Corporate Plan objectives for 2016-2021:

• Homes
• Build
• Growth


Invest in and maintain existing homes, delivering high quality services in the way customers wish to access them :

SARH will stretch targets to re-let 70% of general needs properties within 15 days.                                                                                    

SARH will encourage customers to report repairs online
SARH will encourage customers to register an online account for rent account information
SARH will continue to invest in neighbourhood regeneration
SARH will successfully manage the transition to Universal Credit and direct payments to maximise income collection
SARH will 'Make Every Contact Count' through maximising contact, mobile working, document management and digital communication methods


Building new homes to meet a growing local demand and a changing demographic.

SARH will stretch targets to deliver 300 MORE new homes by 2021 (Taking the overall target from 600 to 900 during the life of the Corporate plan)  

SARH will minimise rent loss on all new build developments
Customers will be happy to recommend SARH to family and friends                                                                                                                             Homes will be to the decent homes standard and digitally connected
100% of properties built by SARH will be modern, energy efficient and in keeping with the surrounding areas
SARH is a provider of new homes to meet the needs of a growing population in Stafford and the surrounding areas
SARH will provide a range of accommodation, rented and owned, with relevant services to match customers’ needs


Trade to generate profit and add value.

SARH will stretch targets to work in partnership to add value wherever there is a quantifiable or social benefit to be achieved.

SARH will build/acquire new homes to own and rent
SARH will influence, diversify and embrace opportunities as part of its commitment to grow  SARH will investigate the advantages of SMART technology in customers homes                                                                     

Diversification into new businesses will be considered where these add value to the Company for its customers and stakeholders. This will include delivering a wide range of Telecare, Property Services and other profit making housing related services through the Company’s wholly owned subsidiaries
SARH trading subsidiary Housing Worx will develop its capacity and breadth of offer to win more internal and external profitable contracts                                               


"SARH is a high performing business with a social responsibility and is committed to delivering in the Borough of Stafford and the surrounding areas."


Delivering in a changing world...(2016-2018)

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