Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) aims to put customers at the heart of everything we do. The Customer Board plays a key role.

It provides customers with the opportunity to look at services and the way that they are delivered so that we can make improvements.

Could you be the next SARH Customer Board member?

We are currently seeking new members for the Customer Board. See below for more information about being a Customer Board member.

The role of the Customer Board

Members of the SARH Customer Board work with SARH to improve the way services are delivered. The Customer Board works in partnership with SARH staff from across the organisation to achieve the best possible outcome for SARH and customers.

The Customer Board reviews policies and scrutinises the way that services are delivered. It identifies where things are working well and also reports to the SARH Leadership Team where improvements could be made. Actions are agreed to implement approved recommendations.

The Customer Board ensures that services are monitored, assessed and tested so that customers help shape and influence the development of the business.

A message from the SARH Customer Board

"Our role as Customer Board members is to look at the services provided by SARH, to acknowledge what SARH do well and make suggestions on what can be improved.

"Being a member of the Customer Board involves listening, evaluating and showing respect for the opinions of others by making balanced and reasonable, evidence based recommendations. It also means agreeing to compromise where necessary.

"Although we work with SARH and we get a lot of support from staff, they do not influence what we do and how we agree collectively as the Customer Board to do it – we have the independence to decide this. When we look at services and suggest improvements, these are our suggestions, based on what we have seen and heard.

"We put our findings and recommendations to the Leadership Team at SARH and they then agree what actions may be required and when they will be done.

"The Customer Board works in partnership with SARH staff and enables genuine interaction and discussion between staff and customers to achieve the best possible outcomes for customers."

Meet the SARH Customer Board
CraigRoyall600x350 Craig Royall – Chair
I’m Craig Royall, a married father of three children. I have lived in Stafford for the past 13 years. I joined the Customer Board so I can contribute something to the future of SARH.
Gillian Pardesi Gillian Pardesi
I am a parent of three school-aged children. I am passionate about doing everything I can to support social housing. I joined the Customer Board determined to make a difference, because I believe housing is the vital base from which we all flourish and contribute to our community.
JaneCannell600x350 Jane Cannell
I am a retired doctor’s surgery practice manager. I have two children and five grandchildren. I am interested in the theatre and arts and for many years worked backstage at the Gatehouse and other venues such as Stafford Castle, helping with productions. I enjoy being a Customer Board member as I like being able to ‘give something back’ – reviewing the way that services are provided and helping to make improvements benefits all customers.
Could you be a SARH Customer Board Member?

Can you say yes to the following questions? If so you could be the person the SARH Customer Board is looking for.
Making decisions. Can you objectively consider options and make balanced and reasonable decisions?
Analyse and challenge information. Can you appraise and challenge information delivered via reports and presentations?
Team working. Can you work well as part of a diverse group of people with differing views to problem solve, accept compromise where appropriate and support collective judgements?
Communication. Can you actively contribute to group discussions and work with SARH staff, residents and stakeholders with enthusiasm and confidence?
Self managing. Can you work to agreed deadlines and maintain confidentiality and a high standard of behaviour and integrity?
Commitment. Can you commit to a minimum of 3 hours per month? The SARH Customer Board meets four times a year. Meetings are approximately two hours long

We are currently seeking new members for the Customer Board.
To register your interest, please complete the form by clicking the button below. A member of SARH staff will be in touch to discuss the next steps and can provide assistance with any part of the process. This will include submitting an application form and attending an informal interview.


How can you benefit from becoming a Customer Board member?

Being a SARH Customer Board member requires commitment from you to prepare for and attend meetings and undertake required training.
Being a Customer Board member means you will be:
• Making a difference
• Having a say about how SARH could improve services to customers
• Influencing the way we are run
• Learning new skills
• Increasing your knowledge and gaining in-depth insight into local housing issues
• Sharing, learning and encouraging others using your own experience
• Meeting new people and working as part of a team

Do you have a suggestion for the SARH Customer Board?

Suggestions for any areas that the Board could look at are welcome. Please note however that we do not investigate individual complaints as there is a complaints procedure that sets out how complaints are dealt with.
But we are interested in your views about the service you get and any improvements you would like to suggest. Please contact us with your suggestions at

Terms of reference

The purpose of the Customer Board is to scrutinise the services provided by SARH, and provide information and recommendations to SARH’s Board to help achieve continuous improvement in the way that services are delivered.

The Customer Board members are appointed by the SARH Group Board and shall consist of a maximum of nine members. Its quorum is any three members.
Appointments are for a period of three years. Members may apply for re-appointment, subject to serving a maximum of nine years as a member of the Customer Board. If a member ceases to be a tenant of SARH he/she will no longer be a member of the Customer Board.
When vacancies arise any customer of SARH is eligible to apply to be a member of the Customer Board, providing they do not have any outstanding County Court judgements in favour of SARH. Applicants will be required to complete an application form and attend a short interview.
All Customer Board members will be required to agree to comply with a Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with the Code may result in a member being asked to resign, or being removed from the Customer Board.
Removal of Members of the Customer Board
A member of the Customer Board may be removed by the SARH Group Board if they consider that a member has not complied with the Code of Conduct. A member would have the opportunity to present his / her case to the Board before such a decision was reached.
Election of chair and vice chair
Elections for Chair and Vice Chair are held annually, or sooner if either the Chair or Vice Chair stand down during the year or cease to be a member of the Customer Board.

The Customer Board work with SARH to improve the way services are delivered. The training and support they receive empowers them to deliver results that benefit all customers.

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