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Living Our Values Every Day

“Investing in empowering and growing the influence of our People”

At Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) we are passionate about our people and so living our values really does sit at the heart of everything we do. Our five CARES values are simple and straightforward and describe the behaviours of the people at SARH:


Communicating with one another in a range of ways that are timely and informative Everyone:

  • More face to face interaction less reliance on emails
  • Smile and say “Thank you”
  • Listen to others—don’t assume
  • Be clear with your message and check understanding
  • Be open and honest
  • Get to know your colleagues/customers
  • Walk the floor


  • Lead by example
  • Meet regularly with staff to update and share information
  • Clear and concise messages
  • Give open and honest feedback
  • Consider your audience


  • Deliver and lead the Vision and Values
  • Ensure fairness and consistency
  • Demonstrate open and honest communication


 Approachable so that people can communicate with one another, share ideas and remain informed Everyone:

  • Understand own strengths and weaknesses
  • Make an effort—everybody matters
  • Be available
  • Be willing to learn and improve
  • Make time for people
  • Consider your impact on others
  • Be visible
  • Understand your audience
  • Positive body language—a smile goes a long way


  • Get to know your people
  • Praise people for doing a good job
  • Treat people fairly and consistently
  • Be warm and welcoming
  • Open door policy
  • Make time to CARE


  • Lead by example


 Respectful of each others’ differences, values and opinions, treating everybody as they would wish to be treated Everyone:

  • Respect people’s differences
  • Understand and listen to other peoples opinions
  • Respect peoples time
  • Respect customers views
  • Respect different ways of working
  • Establish and build relationships at all levels
  • Believe in yourself and others


  • Encourage team working within and across teams
  • View all work from the customers perspective
  • Respect different people’s ways of working
  • Accept responsibility for your teams


  • Value contributions from everybody
  • Encourage teams to work together
  • Always seek to improve ways of working


 Empowering staff, customers and stakeholders to have real and meaningful input into the business Everyone:

  • Be accountable and take responsibility
  • Make a decision and back it up
  • Speak out if something is wrong
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Learn more Everyday
  • Never give up, keep trying
  • Come with the solution not the problem
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes—it’s important to learn from them


  • Create a safe environment for people to grow and develop
  • Give clear objectives to help guide staff to succeed
  • Give confidence to staff to take decisions
  • Ask for your teams input on decisions
  • Have faith in your teams abilities
  • Trust your people
  • Be inclusive


  • Commit to invest in developing and growing the influence of people
  • Unlock and grow talent within the organisation
  • Create opportunities


 Supportive of each other, offering only constructive criticism and being willing to help make the service excellent Everyone:

  • Support each other
  • Make time to get to know each other
  • Always listen and be willing to help others
  • Come with a solution
  • Encourage delivery of people’s ideas


  • Take responsibility for your staff
  • Listen to your staff and care
  • Work as a team
  • Work and help others
  • Offer guidance and support to peers
  • Take action and make things happen
  • Give productive feedback


  • Create an environment of support and help to others
  • Lead by example
  • Care and support for all our people