Housing Worx is a trading subsidiary that is wholly owned by SARH and has already delivered a £4 million boost to the local economy.

Established in 2012, Housing Worx has focused on ensuring as much work as possible goes to local subcontractors.

It achieves this by working closely with the local economy and has almost 20 local businesses as part of its supply chain delivering kitchens and bathrooms and a growing number of improvement works to more than 6,000 SARH homes.

This arrangement has saved SARH more than £350,000 – funds that can now be reinvested in the construction of new, affordable homes.

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Meet Housing Worx subcontractor Rob Kenney

Rob Kenney, a 39-year-old electrician from Cannock, was one of the first tradespeople SARH took on to work for Housing Worx.
“It has been a breath of fresh air. I have now been working for Housing Worx for two years and have never enjoyed my job more,” said the father of two.
With the stability of the long-term contract with Housing Worx, Rob is financially secure and able to plan ahead, no longer having to seek out work every three or six months.
As well as having a steady stream of work, Rob’s invoices are paid by Housing Worx on time, rather than the 60 day payment terms sometimes enforced by larger contractors.
"It’s a relief not to have to worry about securing new contracts and cash flow,” he says.

Subcontractor training, work scheduling and supplies

As a subcontractor for Housing Worx, Rob has been given training in customer service and asbestos removal – which, as a sole trader, he would ordinarily have had to pay for himself.
Working on Stafford and Rural Homes properties across the region, Rob’s work is planned weeks in advance, with his van being stocked with everything he needs ahead of a day’s work.
“The work we carry out is planned around our availability. Housing Worx has organised all of the improvements to run continually, keeping us in work and ensuring Stafford and Rural Homes properties are constantly being improved,” said Rob.

Housing Worx operates a successful subcontractor model. For more information about subcontractors please contact us.

Local electrician and Housing Worx subcontractor Rob Kenney

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