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Beware telephone scams

SARH have been advised that fraudsters are phoning our customers claiming to be from BT.  They claim that customers owe money and that they will be cut off if they don’t make payment over the telephone.
What to do if fraudsters call

If you receive such a call and you suspect that it is fraudulent:
• Check with your service provider to see if the call was genuine
• Do not give out any personal or bank details
• Call your service provider’s nuisance call bureau to see if the call can be traced
• If it can, pass on details to Ofcom or Consumer Direct (see contact details below)

What to do if you have given out personal details
If you have already received a call and given out your bank details you should:
• Check with Service provider to see if the call was genuine
• call your bank immediately to let them know about the scam and to cancel your credit card or change your bank details
• ask your bank to try and trace the payment
• and if you get any details, let Ofcom or Consumer Direct know

To contact Ofcom’s Advisory Team call 0300 123 3333.

To contact Consumer Direct call 08454 04 05 06

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