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How we help to prevent falls in elderly people with Dementia

People are at an increased risk of falling as they get older. For those with Dementia, this risk is even greater and recovery time is often longer. At Stafford and Rural Homes, we’re often asked about preventing falls in Dementia patients by concerned friends and relatives. This blog provides some of our clients’ experiences in preventing falls and details how we have helped them. It also links to additional helpful resources.

Anne Smith’s Grandmother from Stone uses our Telecare service

“My Grandmother has had Dementia for the past 5 years. To prevent falls, we make sure that she gets her eyes tested regularly as well as her hearing. I regularly check her home for hazards and keep her home free from clutter. Stafford and Rural Homes have also provided us with  . This means that if my Grandmother has a fall, she is connected to an advisor at the touch of a button. Telecare is a good option for elderly people with Dementia.”

Jack Green’s Grandfather from Eccleshall uses our Wellbeing service

“My Grandfather has Dementia and has fallen before. It took him quite a long time to recover so we’re worried about it happening again. We’ve used Stafford and Rural Homes’ Wellbeing service – they’ve created a plan for us which includes a falls assessment and falls prevention advice. We’ve also gotten advice on leisure activities – gentle exercise is good for my Grandfather and reduces the risk of him falling again.

Ellen Jackson from Gnosall used our Wellbeing service

“I’ve recently been diagnosed with Dementia and have used Stafford and Rural Homes’ Wellbeing service – they’ve given me support in accessing planned health care services as I can’t drive anymore and I’m worried about falling as my condition progresses. They’ve also put me in touch with some great leisure and social activities which have improved my confidence – it was knocked after my diagnosis.”

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Our Telecare and Wellbeing pages also provide more information about the services mentioned above.

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The names and locations in these stories have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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