News archive | Board game helps to offer new SARH customers’ pre tenancy training
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Board game helps to offer new SARH customers’ pre tenancy training

A SPECIALLY designed board game is helping first-time Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) tenants’ get all the information they need to ease into their tenancy.

SARH has developed the board game as part of its new pre-tenancy course to help new tenants take on the responsibilities of living in a SARH property.

“We wanted to create something visual and informal to help get across all the key details new tenants need to know before they move into an SARH property,” said Viv Price, SARH Housing Choices Advisor.

Issues such as neighbourly behaviour, maintaining a home, different types of tenancy, applying for a property and how and when to pay rent are covered in the interactive bite-sized sessions.

The course is particularly relevant for younger people starting out in their first rented property.

“It can be a daunting time starting out on your own as there are lots of responsibilities that you have to take on.  Alongside that, we expect our customers to behave in a certain way, by taking care of their home, respecting their neighbours and accepting they are part of a wider community,” said Katheryn Bradbury, Income Manager for SARH.

“This board game will help to outline some simple do’s and don’ts and also outline the help we offer in developing employment opportunities and providing money advice.”

The next pre-tenancy training session will take place at SARH’s Community Resource Centre, at Greyfriars, on Wednesday, June 12, between 2pm and 4pm.

For more details on the pre-tenancy training course please contact Viv Price on 0800 111 4554.

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