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Acquiring Land

While Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) own and manage over 6,000 homes across Stafford and the surrounding area, we are always looking for more opportunities to develop and regenerate communities.

Acquiring new land is a key part of our ambitious programme to build or acquire 600 homes by 2021.

SARH is committed to delivering more than just housing, but great places to live, work and grow, with accessible services and opportunities for customers to learn, train and work.
We are always looking for new opportunities to deliver these goals through the purchase of land.

Our new developments benefit communities not only by providing additional housing, but also by improving the local environment.
If you have land to sell in Stafford or the surrounding area, or know of anyone who does, and would like to discuss it, please contact us.

Rural exception sites

SARH works with local parish councils in order to bring forward rural exception sites for new affordable homes and developments.
A rural exception site is an area of greenbelt land exempt from normal planning policy. These sites can only be considered under a well established planning policy called the rural exception site policy.
Planning permission for limited development is granted on sites where it has been demonstrated that housing is needed and the homes provided will be affordable and reserved for local people with a connection to the area.