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What are the benefits of a key safe and how does it work with the Telecare Service?

We recommend installing a key safe to allow the emergency services quick access to your home should they need it. You do not have to install a key safe by your front door. We would recommend installing it somewhere discreet, but somewhere accessible. You will need to provide us with the code to your key safe so we are able to give this to the emergency services in the event of a potential or real emergency. It is important that your key safe code is secure and not a code that someone can easily guess. We will keep your key safe code secure on our system and will only give the emergency services your key safe code where this is necessary. In order to ensure access to your home, it is important that you do not use bolts or chains on the door that will prevent access to anyone that will be responding to your call for help. Find out more about You First Telecare Find out more about key safes