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Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for your new build homes’ garden

Living in your new build home

I live in a new build property but I’m experiencing damp and condensation?

What is an end of defects inspection?

Gas and electric accounts, why does it take so long to change the name of the account or change supplier?

What is not defined as a defect?

Ventilating a new build home

Fighting Fraud

There are cracks in my new build home, what do I do?

What is a defect and the 12 months defect period?

I live in a new build home and want to report a defect/repair?

Can I see the floor plans and the layout for a new build home?

When will new build homes be advertised?

I’ve been offered a new build home, can I view this property?

Gas Servicing

Water Hygiene

Changes Data Protection

When is the Annual Garden Competition?

What is the Annual Garden Competition?

What is the Community Tool Bank?

Who are Customer Inspectors?

Is SARH responsible for my road?

Does SARH offer Sheltered Housing?

Do I need Home Contents Insurance?

Will SARH help with Pests?

I have found syringes/paraphernalia, what do I do?

Who do I contact about Bins and Refuse?

What are Rent Free Weeks and when are they?

Can I pay/check my rent balance online?

Can I discuss someone else’s account on their behalf?

How will I know which homes I can apply for?

Accessing Round House Community Room

Round House Community Room Booking

What should I do about a leaking bath?

Does SARH provide an allowance for decoration?

I’ve lost power in my property, what do I do?

What can I do about a blocked drain?

What can I do if my property has been damaged as a result of a crime?

I am a new tenant. What should I do about outstanding repairs?

Why have you contacted me about a Gas Safety check?

How do I arrange to have my Gas boiler serviced?

What can I do about the cracks/holes in walls/ceiling?

How do I arrange to have the gas supply re-connected?

Am I responsible for fencing?

What should I do about an issue with a recently installed bathroom/kitchen or heating system?

What can I do about an electrical fault caused by one of my appliances?

I am a secure tenant – will this change any of the rights I have under my current tenancy agreement?

Why have you changed the service charge bill headings?

Will the changes mean an increase in my rent and/or service charges?

Will the proposed changes affect me?

Where can I find out further information on Voluntary Right to Buy?

What services will I get from SARH once I have purchased my home under Voluntary Right to Buy?

Can I appeal your decision not to sell me my home under Voluntary Right to Buy?

I missed the window for entering the Voluntary Right to Buy ballot for URNs. Is there anything I can do?

I was unsuccessful in the Voluntary Right to Buy ballot. Can I appeal?

How do I register for Voluntary Right to Buy?

Which homes won’t you sell under Voluntary Right to Buy?

If I am eligible for Voluntary Right to Buy, will I be able to buy the home I am living in now?

I live in supported or sheltered housing. Can I buy my home under Voluntary Right to Buy?

I am a Stafford and Rural Homes tenant – can I register to buy my home under the Voluntary Right to Buy pilot?

How long will the Voluntary Right to Buy Pilot last?

What is Voluntary Right to Buy (Midlands Pilot)?

How do I make a claim?

How will I pay my rent if I am receiving Universal Credit?

How will I be paid my Universal Credit?

What is Universal Credit?

Where can I find information about Right to Buy?

Does changing the charity status of SARH to a Community Benefit Society mean you will no longer house and provide services for people in need?

How will becoming a Community Benefit Society impact customer involvement?

Will the move to become a Community Benefit Society lead to an increase in my rent?

Will the move to become a Community Benefit Society affect me as a customer?

What is the main advantage of becoming a Community Benefit Society?

Will SARH still be regulated as a Community Benefit Society?

Why change to a Community Benefit Society?

Why am I being asked about SARH becoming a Community Benefit Society?

What is a Community Benefit Society?

How do I apply for a home using MySARH?

How long will it take to be offered a home?

What if my circumstances change?

Can I make alterations to my home?

Will I need to provide references to rent a SARH home?

What happens if I have medical needs?

What if I need support to apply for a SARH home?

What can I do if I do not agree with any decisions?

Who can apply for housing?

What sort of home can I apply for?

How do I see which homes are available from SARH?

How can I rent a garage?

What happens once I have registered for MySARH?

Does SARH provide insurance for items stored in a garage?

I have seen an empty SARH garage, can I rent it?

Do garages have an electricity or water supply?

What areas does SARH have garages in?

How long is the waiting list for a SARH garage?

Can I transfer my garage to a friend or family member?

Can I still rent a garage if I owe money to SARH?

How much does it cost to rent a garage from SARH?

Can I exchange my garage?

Can I rent more than one garage?

How are garage applications prioritised?

Who tests the communal smoke detectors?

What should I do if I have a problem with damp, condensation or mould?

Can I decorate my home or communal areas for a celebration?

What is the Warm Home Discount?

Our Offer – the Lettable Standard

I have lost or damaged a key fob – how do I get a new one?

What should I do if I have lost my keys and can’t get in to my home?

How do I report a repair online?

When will my repair be completed?

What is an urgent repair?

What is an emergency repair?

How long will it take to get You First Telecare installed?

What do I require in my home to have Telecare installed?

What happens once I’ve pressed the Telecare alarm button or a sensor has been activated?

How do the Telecare pendant and unit work?

What are the benefits of a key safe and how does it work with the Telecare Service?

Will my broadband internet be affected by the Telecare Service?

Is there anything that may affect the proper functioning of Telecare equipment?

How often should I test my Telecare pendant?

What happens to my Telecare service if there is a fault on the telephone line?

What happens to my Telecare service if there is a power cut?

What do all the buttons on my Telecare unit mean?

What happens if I press my Telecare pendant by mistake?

What happens if my rent account is in arrears?

What are my repair responsibilities as a SARH Customer?

I am leaving my SARH home – how can I request a reference?

Is there asbestos in my home?

Can I register for MySARH if I don’t have an email address?

How do I make a complaint?

Succession of Tenancy

Assignment of Tenancy

What do I need to make a Mutual Exchange happen?

What do I need to do if I am leaving my SARH home?

Can Stafford and Rural Homes reject a Mutual Exchange?

Will a Mutual Exchange affect my tenancy rights?

How do I apply for a Mutual Exchange?

How can I find a Mutual Exchange partner?

I have no priority for a transfer. Can I still apply for a Mutual Exchange?

Will pursuing a Mutual Exchange affect my application for a transfer?

How do I obtain permission for a Mutual Exchange?

Why must I apply for permission before a Mutual Exchange?

Who can apply for a Mutual Exchange?

What is a Mutual Exchange?

When can I move in?

What if I am homeless or threatened with homelessness?

I cannot remember my memorable question to login to MySARH – how do I update this?

Can I check my rent account balance online?

Can I check my garage account balance online?

How do I update my contact details?

The personal details that you hold for me are incorrect – how do I update these?

How do I register for the MySARH online customer portal?

How can I express an interest in a SARH home?

Why aren’t my login details working for the MySARH portal?

Can I update my login details for MySARH?

At what age can I apply?

How many properties can I apply for?

What is independent living?

What is a banding system?

Will my banding change the longer I wait?

If my banding is for a specific property type or area, am I able to express interest on other properties that don’t meet this criteria?

Will any checks be carried out?

How long will it take to register me?

How many bedrooms can I have?

Will I be penalised if I turn down an offer of a property?

When will I know if I have been successful after bidding for a property?

Are there any ways I can improve my chances of being rehoused quickly?

Are there any financial limits preventing me joining your housing register?

What does local connection mean?

What is the difference between overcrowding and statutory overcrowding?

My friend and I have both got similar housing problems, why are we banded differently?

Rent arrears and housing debt. Can I still apply for housing?

What should I do if a family member requires their own bedroom for medical needs?

What is a nomination?

Is there any council housing in Stafford Borough?

Section 20: What items of repair could be included?

Section 20: Why not bill this work within the service charge?

Section 20: How can I express my views?

Section 20: When will works be carried out?

Section 20: Can I opt out?

Section 20: Will the cheapest quote/tender automatically be selected?

Section 20: How is my share of the cost calculated?

Section 20: Are there any additional fees to be added to the cost of the works?

Section 20: When will I be expected to pay?

Section 20: Will any previous sinking fund contributions that I have made be taken into account?

Section 20: I do not believe that I directly benefit from a service so do I still have to contribute to the costs?

Section 20: What if I plan to sell my home before the works are complete and/or billed?

Section 20: I only bought my flat after the works were completed. Am I still liable for the costs?

Section 20: Can I challenge the costs of major works once billed?

Section 20: What if I cannot pay the amount being demanded from me or wish to discuss repayment?