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Frequently Asked Questions

What do all the buttons on my Telecare unit mean?

On the home unit you will find 3 buttons and 1 LED light. The red light is the alarm button and should be illuminated at all times to indicate the alarm is plugged into the mains power. If activated, the home unit will put a call through to the customer call centre and the red light will flash. If the red light is flashing and the alarm has not been activated please check the power supply. The red light flashing when a call is not in progress indicates flash indicates the unit is running on the battery backup. The green button is the cancel button, and can be used to cancel an alarm call that has been made accidently. You have to wait 5 seconds after the alarm call has been made before you can cancel the call; this delay is built in to the unit to avoid mistake cancellations. The yellow button is the Home/Away button and can be used when you will be away from the property for a long period of time – we usually say 5 days or more, but this must be reset when you arrive back in your property, so your equipment will communicate effectively. The yellow button illuminated means Away mode, and when off means Home mode. The LED light should be illuminated green and this indicates an operational telephone line is connected to the unit. If this light is flashing intermittently it may mean your battery pack is running low. If the LED light flashes every second, it is indicating a problem to the telephone line, and you will need to check the connections and possibly contact your telephone provider. Find out more about You First Telecare