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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I decorate my home or communal areas for a celebration?

SARH encourages customers to decorate communal areas at special times of year, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween or even a special birthday or anniversary celebration. Please follow this handy checklist so your decorations are safe for everyone to enjoy. Decorations • Decorations should be fire retardant – check this when buying them • Light paper, tissue and cotton wool burn very easily and should not be used • Cardboard can also burn easily and should be very carefully placed • No decorations should be attached to lights, touch lights or be placed above heaters or fireplaces • Decorations should not cover fire exit signs, emergency lights, fire alarm call points or fire fighting equipment Fairy Lights • All lights must have a Kite Mark or CE mark and they must be used as per the instructions that come with them. They should come with a fixed plug and the wiring must never be altered • Lights must have an annual electrical test. SARH can arrange this for you as part of our testing programme. Be sure to ask SARH to check any lights you want to use • Electrical sockets must not be overloaded – one plug per socket only. You can use multi-socket extensions but they must also be Kite or CE marked and PAT tested annually • Do not let light bulbs touch anything that can burn easily • Lights must be turned off at night Christmas • Christmas trees must be artificial and fire retardant. You can check this on the packaging when buying a tree. SARH do not allow live Christmas trees because they burn easily and at high temperatures • Christmas trees must be stable and secure so that they do not fall over • Christmas trees should be carefully sited so that they do not obstruct a fire exit or route. They should also not cover fire exit signs, emergency lights, fire alarm call points or fire fighting equipment • Only two sets of lights per Christmas tree are allowed • Christmas decorations should not go up before December 1st and should be taken down by January 6th General advice • SARH do not allow candles or any naked flame. Pumpkins should be lit with battery lights • Cables and wires should be carefully placed so they don’t run across areas where people walk • Think about how you will put up and take down decorations. Standing on furniture or moving heavy items may cause you injury. Ask for help if you need it • Don’t allow rubbish to build up – think about how you will get rid of wrapping paper, party hats or anything that may burn easily • Decorations for celebrations other than Christmas should not be up for more than a week