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What is an end of defects inspection?

An inspection of your new home will take place approximately 12 months after the property has been constructed and handed over to SARH. This is to establish if there are any defects that the Developer needs to resolve before the warranty period ends. SARH will write to you around 2 weeks prior to the inspection date. If you cannot make the appointment, please return the enclosed questionnaire detailing any defects in your home.

Representatives from SARH and the Developer will visit your property to conduct this inspection. They will make notes and take photographs of defects. Following the inspection, the Developer will be in contact you directly to arrange appointments.

At the end of defect inspection, any previously reported defects that have not been rectified by the Developer will be noted and the SARH Development Team will liaise with the Developer to ensure all defects are rectified in line with the Development Contract.



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