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Gas Servicing

Each year, free of charge, SARH services all your gas appliances, including your own gas cooker.

Missed gas service appointments cost SARH c.£35,000 last year, money that could otherwise be spent on providing services for more vulnerable customers or making improvements to SARH estates that will benefit everyone. 

Easy ways to make a gas service appointment:

If the appointment we’ve arranged isn’t convenient please get in touch.


Complete our online form or use our Live Chat service.

Or call 0800 111 4554

Electronic Gas Service Certificates

Lots of you have taken the plunge and receive your certificate by email.To help reduce the impact SARH has on the environment, if you have registered an email address with SARH, we will automatically send your Gas Service Certificate this way. If you prefer paper, you can print a copy or contact SARH and we will send you a copy through the post.  We hope SARH customers will welcome this move to save costs and benefit the environment.


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