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faq | I’ve lost power in my property, what do I do?

I’ve lost power in my property, what do I do?

If you have no power to your property, please check that you have :

* credit on your meter

* there are no power cuts in your area – see

* checked that your own appliances are not to blame. To do this, unplug every appliance and individually turn them back on. If the power cuts out when you turn on an appliance, that appliance is at fault.

If you have tested your appliances but there is no fault found and are still experiencing loss of power, please contact SARH on 0800 111 4554

SARH will send an electrician  on the same day. You must ensure that someone over the age of 18yrs is at home until we arrive. We may charge £45 if you are not at home when we attend or if your own appliance has caused the power loss.

For further guidance, watch our ‘Loss of Power How To’ Video.






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