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Living in your new build home

You can decorate your home as you like however, the standard of decoration must be kept a reasonable standard, similar to the standard of decoration the property was in when you first moved in. We advise against wallpapering any walls in the property within the first 12 months, as wallpaper will hide any shrinkage and cracking, and this may cause the warranty to become void.

Prior to fixing anything to a wall, always check for buried pipes and cables. This will help determine what fixtures you will need to use to attach items to your walls. Depending on the construction of the wall and the weight to the item, most light items can be held on all types of walls using steel picture hooks. Heavier items may require wall plugs and screws. We advise against fixing any heavy items, such a TV, to the wall within the 12-month defect period as any cracking caused by this will be chargeable.

When carpeting your new home please be mindful of the carpet thickness as ensuring the doors can still open and close will be your responsibility. SARH or the Developer will not assist with this as it is not classed as a repair or defect.

SARH advise that you do not use the loft space for storage, as the space has not been designed for this. As the loft is not boarded, damage can occur from storing items in the loft space.

Any damage that is caused in the process of moving, decorating the property or storing items in the loft space will incur a recharge.

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