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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do if I am leaving my SARH home?

Customers must give at least four weeks written notice to terminate their tenancy. There are two exceptions to this
• If someone has died – if the property is clean and tidy and keys are returned promptly, SARH may waive the notice period to two weeks at our discretion
• If you are a tenant and transferring to another SARH property – a minimum of two weeks notice is required.

Contact SARH if you wish to terminate your tenancy.
• SARH will ask you to complete a Tenancy Termination Form to confirm you wish to terminate your tenancy. You can complete the form online here.
• If you give less than four weeks notice you will still be charged for four weeks rent. The notice will expire at 12 noon on the Monday of the fourth week, following receipt of your signed Tenancy Termination Form.
• To help us to re-let your home as quickly as possible, we will agree a date and time for an inspection of your home, usually within the following 48 hours. This is to identify any issues which may need to be resolved before your keys are returned to us and to note any details to help advertise your property.
• If you are joint tenants, only one joint tenant needs to give notice and this will end the tenancy for all joint tenants.