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What happens if my rent account is in arrears?

SARH takes prompt action to recover rent arrears, adopting a firm but fair approach. We realise that circumstances may change and things like illness, unemployment or the birth of a child etc. can sometimes make it more difficult for you to pay your rent. Where rent arrears occur, we will deal with each case on an individual basis and try to help you to find ways to pay your rent. We will treat your situation in a sensitive and confidential manner, advising you in advance of the action we need to take. This will enable you to get independent advice if you need it. When your rent account is in arrears we will: • Make early personal contact to establish why rent has not been paid • Enable access to benefits advice and debt counselling in order to help you make the most of your income and reduce debt • Seek to provide vulnerable customers with advice and support based on your circumstances. If you are in arrears or are having difficulty in paying your rent please contact us without delay. For more information about rent and payments, rent arrears, the Rent Payment Agreement and for help and advice, please click here.