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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I have registered for MySARH?

In the majority of cases, once you have completed the registration form on MySARH you will be accepted as a SARH customer and will be able to start applying for SARH homes within 5 working days. 

You will receive confirmation from SARH that your registration is complete and your unique Registration Number which you will need to use to log into the MySARH portal. You will then be able to log in using your Registration Number and begin applying for homes. 

There may be some occasions when SARH need to request further information before your registration is accepted. If this is the case you will be contacted by a member of staff to discuss the information needed. 

Once this information has been approved you will be notified if your application has been accepted. 

Please be aware that based upon the information you provide in response to the above circumstances you may be excluded from using MySARH. If this is the case SARH will notify you in writing of the reasons for this and any action you may need to take to have the decision changed.