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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my Telecare service if there is a fault on the telephone line?

If there is a fault on your telephone line the Lifeline alarm will not be able to connect through to the You First Customer Call Centre. You will need to contact your telephone line provider to test the line and if a fault is found, report a repair stating that you have an emergency community alarm and that your repair should be completed as a priority. If you are unable to contact the telephone line provider, you can contact us for assistance and we will speak to the telephone line provider on your behalf to resolve the problem. Before contacting your telephone line provider, it is always useful to try an alternative phone in the telephone socket to ensure that the fault is not with your phone. If it is found to be an internal fault and not a fault on the line, you may be charged by the telephony supplier for the visit. Find out more about You First Telecare