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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an emergency repair?

SARH operates a service to enable our customers to report Emergency Repair requests. The service is always open, and we will attend on the same day that you report an Emergency Repair. Emergency Repairs include: • A loss of water • A burst pipe • Flooding • Severe storm damage • Total loss of the electricity supply • A major fault with the electricity supply • An unsafe electrical fitting • A breach of security to outside doors and windows • A loss of gas supply (where this exists) • A gas leak • A blocked flue • A blocked rubbish chute • A blockage in the main drains, soil pipe or toilet (if there is no other toilet in your home) • Space heating or hot water loss for elderly or vulnerable customers • Lift failure • A community alarm or call system failure • Fire damage • Offensive or racist graffiti • Any other event that needs immediate action to ensure your safety or security Please note that you may be charged a call out fee if: • The repair requested is not a genuine emergency • You have deliberately caused the damage • You are not at the property when we attend to the emergency repair request Learn more about SARH Repairs.