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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can rent a SARH home?

Anyone who is a UK resident can apply for a SARH rented home. However in certain circumstances customers may not be eligible to have a SARH rented home – if, for example, they are subject to immigration control or do not have the right to rent. These eligibility criteria are set out by law. 

The Housing Act 1996 sets out details of customers who may not be eligible to apply for a SARH rented home. This includes customers who are subject to immigration control, those who are not classed as “habitually resident”, and those who have limited rights to reside in the UK. 

As a registered provider SARH must conduct Right to Rent document checks for all adults moving into a SARH home. 

Customers aged 16 or 17 may apply for a SARH home, but cannot hold a legal tenancy until the age of 18. In these circumstances a customer may apply to the housing register, but we will not make any offers until offer the customers 18th birthday. 

Some SARH properties will have restrictions placed upon who can apply for them. These are known as ‘home criteria’ and are set to ensure that SARH make best use of its homes. These criteria may include the rights of local councils to nominate homeless applicants, local lettings policies, criteria relating to rural properties, and requirements that customers have a connection to the area in which the home is located. 

See The Right Home for Your Needs for more information.