Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) has affordable homes to rent across Stafford Borough and surrounding areas.

Unlike private landlords, SARH do not ask for a deposit and you do not have to pay any agency fees. Your tenancy requires you to pay your rent one week in advance and if you prefer to pay monthly you will pay the first month in advance.

To apply for a home with SARH, you will first need to complete an online Housing Registration Form on the SARHomes website. The information within this form will be used by SARH to help you find a home that is suited to your personal circumstances.


Most of our homes are advertised on the SARHomes website, where you can view and apply for SARH homes that suit your needs and personal circumstances.

Homes Available Now

A selection of SARHomes available now and those coming soon.

Apply for a home

To apply for a SARH home you will first need to complete an online Housing Registration Form on the SARHomes website.

To complete the form you will need to provide:
• National Insurance number for yourself and any other household member over the age of 18.
• Addresses for you and your partner for the last 5 years, including the dates you moved in and out.
• Dates of birth for all household members.
• The value of your property and the amount of equity you have in your home (if you or any other members of your household are owner occupier).
• Income and savings amounts for you and your partner.

If you are offered a SARH home you may be asked to provide a reference from an existing or former landlord, as well as other information to support your application.

Learn more about Applying for a Home.

How are SARH homes advertised?

All available SARH homes are advertised online on the SARHomes website.

New homes are advertised from 9am every Thursday until 11:59pm the following Tuesday. During this time customers are able to apply for any homes which they would like to rent.

All applications for SARH homes are considered every Wednesday and customers will be contacted directly to view the property if their application is successful.

Feedback on homes which have been allocated is included on the SARHomes website to give an indication of likely waiting times, although no personal information is disclosed.

The right home for your needs

SARH has committed to offer up to 75% of its homes to Stafford Borough Council (SBC) who will nominate a customer in line with their needs-based Housing Allocations Scheme. If a home is not let following a nomination from SBC it will be let using SARHomes.

SARHomes includes limited circumstances in which existing SARH customers will be given a priority to transfer to a different SARH home to comply with our charitable aims and the HCA’s tenancy standards.

Information shared by existing SARH customers when they register will be used to determine whether they have any of the following needs:

• Customers who need to move because they are living in under-occupied or overcrowded conditions
• Customers who have medical needs which are preventing them from returning home from hospital or from being able to use essential facilities within their home
• Customers who are experiencing or are at risk of domestic abuse, harassment or serious harm

In the event that a SARH home is not offered to an SBC nomination or an existing SARH customer with an identified need, the home will be offered to the customer who has the earliest registration date with SARHomes.
Where two customers apply for a home with the same priority, the home will be allocated to the customer with the earliest registration date.

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Preparing to take on a home

From signing your tenancy agreement to helping you arrange low cost home contents insurance and finding out about local amenities, SARH will help you every step of the way.
Read our short guide for new SARH Customers.

Mutual Exchange

If you’re looking to move, you could swap your home with another customer through the Mutual Exchange process. A Mutual Exchange is a swap of accommodation between two or more customers. It relies on each party moving permanently into their exchange partner's property. SARH advertises homes that existing customers want to exchange to allow them to move.
Learn more about Mutual Exchanges.

What types of homes do SARH offer?

SARH provide a range of affordable homes for rent and shared ownership including houses, apartments and bungalows. A number of these homes are specially designed for older and vulnerable customers to enable them to live independently for longer.

The majority of SARH homes will be let through the SARHomes website, and some homes may have specific criteria attached to them to ensure they are let to individuals with a defined need for that type of home.

Within its specialist housing stock SARH also provides a number of Extracare homes, designed for customers with care needs.

Learn about applying for a home.

Stafford and Rural Homes use the SARHomes online service to advertise available homes.
Learn how to apply for a home.

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