Mutual Exchange Application

  • Once you have identified a possible Mutual Exchange partner, you must tell SARH by completing this form.
    SARH will then assess your application and inform you whether the Exchange can go ahead. All parties MUST have written consent from their landlord before an Exchange can happen.
    This form should be completed by the party whose landlord is Stafford and Rural Homes.
    More information about Mutual Exchange.
  • Your details

  • Joint tenant details

  • Medical needs

  • People living at your property

  • The tenant you wish to Exchange with

  • Joint tenant details

  • Medical needs

  • The property you wish to move to

  • Mutual Exchange Guidance

  • Please check all parties have read and understand the following information:
    • You are expected to arrange to view the property you are looking to Exchange to. SARH recommend at least 2 visits. You should check both internal and external areas.
    • An inspection will be completed by officers from SARH - this is a basic check that the property is in sound repair and meets the required condition and décor standards. The standard of the property required on completion of the Exchange is the same as that set out in SARH Lettable Standards. The outgoing customer is responsible for reporting, replacing or paying for any repairs that may be required.
    • SARH will complete all repairs that are our responsibility and have been reported before the Exchange takes place.
    • The Exchange may be refused where there is unrepaired customer damage, due to overall condition, decor or non-standard fixtures or fittings. Once all repairs noted prior to the Exchange have been completed, the property is taken as seen by the incoming customer. SARH will take no responsibility for any further issues.
    • SARH will not undertake any remedial repairs or replacements that were noted prior to the Exchange for one year after the Exchange.
    • You should discuss furnishings with the tenant you are Exchanging with - this includes flooring, curtains, blinds and any electrical or gas appliances, and whether they will be left in the property or removed.
    • You should check the condition of any garden sheds and all fencing before Exchange and you will be responsible for the maintenance of these.
    • SARH will not be responsible for any damage caused by pets of the current or previous tenant. You should discuss this matter with the tenant you are Exchanging with.
    • Any non standard flooring including laminate or tiles which has not been fitted by SARH will be the responsibility of the new tenant to maintain.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that your property is clear of rubbish prior to the exchange taking place; SARH will not accept responsibility for any rubbish found internally or externally.
  • • Giving a false statement and withholding information is an offence and if found guilty of this offence (Section 171 of the Housing Act 1996) I may be liable for a fine of up to £5000. I believe that all of the information given is true and correct.
    • Stafford and Rural Homes will keep this personal information for use in the performance of any of its services, and agree that disclosure of relevant personal information can be made to other organisations working with Stafford and Rural Homes to deliver services or provide housing.
    • If I owe any money to SARH for any type of tenancy arrears or rechargeable repairs, I will need to clear those arrears in full within 48 hours of an offer being made, or prior to approval being granted for a Mutual Exchange.
    • If SARH identify any areas of concern that are in breach of my tenancy conditions, my application to Exchange will be suspended.

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