Shared Ownership - Application Form

  • You can use this form to make an application for a Shared Ownership property from SARH. Shared Ownership gives you the opportunity to buy a share of a brand new home (25% to 75% of the home’s value) and pay rent on the remaining share.
    Please see the Property details section below for information about Shared Ownership eligibility. Learn more about Shared Ownership.
    Alternatively, you can download and print an application form to complete offline. [PDF download]
    Or, if you would simply like to request more information about Shared Ownership, you may wish to complete an expression of interest form.

Property details

  • At some new SARH Developments, a Local Connection Requirement may apply. Priority may initially be given to applications meeting certain criteria regarding connections to the local area on these properties. If a Local Connection Requirement applies, it will be noted on the property or development page.
  • Your details

  • Your details - applicant 2

  • Details of the persons who will be living with you

  • If none, other than the applicants listed above, please leave blank.
  • Person 1

  • Person 2

  • Person 3

  • Person 4

  • Confirmation

  • Information contained in this form is personal data which may be held in a computer and is therefore subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. SARH will only use this information to assist with the processing of your application.

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