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You First Telecare Service

Support in your own home. Telecare services in Stafford – helping you live independently for longer.

An award winning team of dedicated caring advisors support your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The You First Telecare Service is a home safety and personal security system for elderly and vulnerable customers.

The service monitors over 10,000 Telecare connections and Independent Living schemes by using the latest technology. Simply pressing a discreet alarm button, that can be worn as a necklace or on your wrist, immediately connects you with a caring and dedicated You First Telecare advisor.

Enquire about Telecare Services in Stafford

To sign up for You First Telecare, please complete a registration form. Once we receive your registration form, a member of the team will contact you to arrange an appointment to install the equipment.

Alternatively, if you’re not ready to register, please complete an enquiry form and we will send an Information Pack with more information about the service to you.

Emergency alarms for the elderly in Stafford, and those who need reassurance at home

You First Telecare Alarm and Reassurance Call Service is ideal if you are:

• Elderly and at risk of falling • Experiencing memory problems and living alone
• Suffering short-term illness • A victim of domestic violence
• Returning home from hospital • Living alone and need reassurance
• Suffering from a long-term condition such as dementia, epilepsy, heart disease, physical or learning disabilities, sensory problems, stroke, diabetes, cancer or arthritis.

Is the Telecare service available 24/7?

Yes. We are here when you need us – 24/7. You can call for assistance anytime of the day or night and not just for medical emergencies. For example, if you are concerned about a caller’s identity, you can call us for guidance before you either allow that person into your home or ask them to leave.

How does the personal alarm pendant system work?

You First Telecare is a personal alarm pendant system that offers immediate help at the touch of a button and peace of mind for family and friends.

1 – By pressing the button on the Telecare unit, or the pendant which can be on a necklace or wristband, you send an alert to the You First Telecare team.

2 – A call is automatically raised and a trained You First Telecare advisor answers your call.
The centralised unit has a speaker and microphone enabling two way communication in the home.
If for any reason you are unable to speak to the operator please don’t worry as the alarm call raised by pressing your pendant allows us to identify who you are on the specialist equipment used.

3 – The advisor will then take the most appropriate action for your call.
You can rest assured that whatever the reason for your call it will be answered quickly and in the event of an emergency we will stay on the line with you until the emergency services arrive.

You First Telecare advisors access the information you give us about your GP and details of any medical conditions and other information you have provided relating to your support needs. They also call your next of kin or any nominated persons you wish us to contact in an emergency.

How much does You First Telecare cost?

The cost of the You First Telecare Service is £3.61 (excluding VAT) per week, including pendant and unit, with free installation.

What is involved in the installation of the Telecare system?

We usually require the following to be in place to install the Telecare system:

  • Two local key holders who can be contacted in an emergency and/or a key safe

If you do not have these arrangements in place, contact us for advice on other options which may enable us to provide you with Telecare.

What is the TSA Accreditation that You First Telecare holds?

TSA is the industry body for Technology Enabled Care, and this award recognises the very high standards we have retained in our provision of Telecare services to vulnerable customers.
In 2015-16 You First Telecare service successfully retained its platinum status under the TSA Code of Practice for the fourth consecutive year.
Our full You First Telecare Annual Review is available here.

What is the Reassurance Call Service?

The You First Reassurance and Welfare service offers a range of flexible and personalised options to meet individual needs and offer additional reassurance and peace of mind. Key features of the service include:
• fully trained and experienced staff based within our 24/7 Customer Call Centre
• calls can be made seven days a week at times and intervals to suit the customer
• option to “turn off” calls while customers are away from home for a period of time
• option to have an earlier or later call if customers will not be at home at the usual time
• emergency alerts to nominated contacts by phone or email if we cannot make contact or have concerns for an individual’s welfare

Do you offer additional support at home for extra peace of mind?

For additional security and peace of mind the following sensors can also be installed in your home:

  • Falls detector
  • Bed or chair sensor
  • Flood detector
  • Smoke detector
  • CO detector
  • Heat detector
  • Epilepsy sensor
  • Property exit sensors
  • Other types of sensors and equipment to meet your individual needs

More FAQs about the Telecare Service

Please visit our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions about the Telecare service, such as:

  • How do the Telecare pendant and unit work?
  • What happens to my Telecare service if there is a power cut?
  • What happens if I press my Telecare pendant by mistake?
  • What do I require in my home to have Telecare installed?
“You First Telecare is a great help. I can be on my own without feeling anxious. It’s a great confidence booster and it reassures my family to know someone is always there for me.”

VIDEO: You First Telecare customer Caroline Flock

Award-winning Telecare service in Stafford

You First Telecare has been accredited by TSA, the industry body for Technology Enabled Care, since 2010.

In 2011, You First Telecare won the national TSA Crystal Award for exceptional service delivery, innovation within Telecare and for going the extra mile for our customers.

In 2012, You First Telecare was awarded Platinum TSA status and is recognised as meeting European TSA standards. The service has retained this accreditation ever since.