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Housing schemes undergo major improvement work

A multi-million pound improvement programme to raise the standard of accommodation for elderly people in Stafford and Stone is currently underway.

Seven sheltered schemes have already been refurbished and improved under the programme, which began in 2007 as part of a major investment by Stafford and Rural Homes.

The investment programme aims to raise the quality of sheltered accommodation available to older people to a 21st Century standard of living.

Karen Armitage, Chief Executive of Stafford and Rural Homes, said: “Some of our sheltered accommodation built in the 1960s and ‘70s does not meet the standard of living customers want from us today.

“This investment programme allows us to bring accommodation up to modern standards which, in turn, improves the standard of living for older people in Stafford and Stone.”

The refurbishment ensures sheltered accommodation is suitable for the needs of today’s older people – with more space and better, modern facilities .

The work will continue to take place gradually over the next five years and those sheltered schemes that will benefit from the programme have been consulted previously

Some refurbishment work has been carried out while customers stay in their homes – but where the work is more involved it does require some disruption, and so SARHs has ensured customers have a choice; everyone is given the opportunity to return to their newly-refurbished scheme, or to make a permanent move to minimise disruption to the customer

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