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Irene awarded for being a good neighbour

Irene Rice, 85, of Crispin Close, has won the Stafford and Rural Homes’ Good Neighbour Award, for the help she provides to local residents and her kindness to everyone she meets.

“It was a complete surprise to win this award.  I’m very fortunate to have the neighbours that I do,  to live in a community where we all look after one another is lovely and everyone who lives there deserves praise for making it such a nice place to live,” said Irene.

Irene was put forward for the award by her neighbour Dawn Philips.

“I’ve waited 20 years to have a neighbour like Irene.   She has a wonderful sense of humour which helps lift people, particularly if they are feeling down and I’m delighted that she won this award,” said Dawn.

The award was presented to Irene at SARH’s annual general meeting, on Thursday, September 20.

SARH Chief Executive Karen Armitage said: “Irene is a real inspiration and a great source of support and help to her neighbours.  It is customers like her that go the extra mile for those living around them that strengthens our communities and makes where we live a better place.”

“The number of entries we received this year is testament to the way that many of our customers help each other.  There were so many excellent people nominated that it made picking a winner very difficult.”

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