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National Poetry Day 2019

Happy National Poetry Day!

To celebrate, we are sharing the joint-winning entries to the SARH 2019 Poetry and Creative Arts Competition from Ronald Maxwell and Linda Horton.

The theme this year was ‘There’s No Place Like Home’.


Friends and Neighbours

As old age crept up on me unseen

I felt as young as I’d ever been,

More aches and pains than I’d had before,

Remembering things sometimes a chore,

But done now with life’s hard labours,

Rather natter with the neighbours!

Faces I am always pleased to see,

A place where I am happy to be,

Neighbours who care for your well being

You realise its friends you are seeing

And you have discovered bit by bit

There’s no place like home and this is it.


by Ronald Maxwell


Castles for kings
Lodges for lords
Myriad dwellings for the many

Encompassing all size and style
A source of pride develops
Filled with comfort, hope and dreams
and furnished with love for all.

Each home is so much more 
than merely bricks and mortar
Surroundings too they play their part
For me they’re village,countryside and water

Contentment abounds within this space
And on each return it’s reconfirmed
that home is a wonderful place.


by Linda Horton

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