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National Tenant Voice Project

Professor Martin Cave’s Review of the Regulation of Social Housing recommended that Communities and Local Government (CLG) should establish a National Tenant Voice (NTV) to sit alongside the new social housing regulator the Tenant Services Authority (TSA), to give tenants a voice, influence and expertise at a national level.

The National Tenant Voice will enable tenants to influence national policy by engaging with the Government and other bodies (including the TSA). It will be accountable to tenants, and aims to be inspirational and dynamic, reflecting the views of tenants sought through consultation and research. It will celebrate the diversity of tenants and communities.

There will be 50 members of the NTV council. 26 of these will be recruited via an open recruitment process. The other 24 will be nominated by tenant organisations. These are unpaid voluntary posts (travel expenses will be covered), requiring attendance to a minimum of 4 meetings p.a.

Following an open tender process, Hays Social Housing has been appointed to undertake the recruitment process.

The recruitment campaign will be run throughout September to mid-October, with regional interviews carried out thereafter, with a view to making the final appointments late November.

Anyone who is a tenant of social housing (including supported housing) can apply, and to be really effective the NTV will need to have on it tenants from a broad range of backgrounds (ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, age, location, landlord type etc).

The aim therefore is to encourage applications from as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

No previous experience or particular qualifications are required – we are looking for people who are representative of their community and are interested in having their say on national housing policy. As long as they are able to express their opinions, listen to the views of others and have a desire to influence housing policy at national level, they can apply.

To find out more please visit or telephone 0800 917 7396

Please note the closing date for applications is 16 October 2009

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