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Need help with budgeting?

Many  of our customers are struggling to make ends meet, with spiralling household bills and increased unemployment.  For those customers in need of assistance help is available.

SARH Benefits Liaison Officer Annette Hopkins provides free confidential advice for customers experiencing financial difficulties.  She can help people claim welfare benefits, manage debts and with general household budgeting.  Here are a few of her successes so far

Mrs W from Stafford has been awarded backdated Housing Benefit of  £2147.02

Mr D from Stafford has been awarded Guaranteed Pension Credit of 124.50 per week, weekly Housing Benefit of 65.29 and also full Council Tax Benefit

The benefits system can be very complex and many people do not realise that they are entiteld to help.  If you would like to speak to Annette you can contact her on 0800 111 4554 or e mail her

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