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Mobile Office

SARH aims to link up with partners through new mobile office

A STAFFORD housing association is offering to link up with partner agencies to make use of a new mobile office making it easier for customers to get in touch.

Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) uses the office to attend community events and enable customers who cannot make it to the main office to speak to staff and have access to help and advice.

Partner agencies are being invited to team up with SARH to make use of the mobile office which includes a seating area and awning on one side provides extra space so that meetings and discussions can take place whatever the weather, as well.

“The mobile office is a great way of getting out into the community and helping to make a real difference to customers’ lives,” said Karen Armitage, Chief Executive of SARH.

“We are delighted to offer this great new facility that will enable the Community Involvement Team to get out to support partner events across the borough and promote our services and that of our partners.”

You can see the mobile office in action by visiting SARH’s website and clicking on the link to the YouTube page.

For more information on the mobile office please contact the SARH Community Involvement Team on 0800 111 4554 or email


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