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SARH customers have greater influence in how the organisation is run

STAFFORD and Rural Homes is providing customers with a greater say in how the organisation is run.

From April 2011 SARH will be including more people in making decisions by changing the structure of its Board.

Under the new governance procedures the existing Board, which has 15 members, will be split into two specialist groups:

• One to look at strategic issues.
• One to focus on the ‘Landlord Business’.

The new Strategic group will have nine members, while the ‘Landlord’ group will have seven members who will all also be customers of SARH

Five customers currently sit on SARH’s existing Board and the changes will increase the number of customers involved in making decisions at the organisation to seven.

The move will also give customers greater input on issues that affect their day to day lives as they will focus on how SARH is performing as a landlord and monitor the quality of service provided. The new group will also influence decisions on how these services can be improved.

SARH is asking customers with a passion for where they live to apply for the two vacancies on the new customer Board.

“This is a real opportunity for customers to get involved in decisions that affect their local community,” said Karen Armitage, Chief Executive of SARH.

The opportunity will be advertised on SARH’s website and in the local press and an executive team at SARH will choose the applicants to be interviewed for the role.

Working closely with its customers and partners SARH has looked at the way it operates and made the changes to its governing body in accordance with the code of best practice laid out by the National Housing Federation.

Karen Armitage added: “Five years on from our formation our organisation is now entering a new era and we need to make sure we are run in a way that best serves the community of Stafford and responds to our customers even more.

“This means creating a smaller strategic Board which is appraised annually to make sure it has the right range of skills to continue driving the organisation forward, while also increasing customer involvement.”

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