Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)

Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) is committed to investigating reported incidents of ASB promptly and efficiently, taking positive measures to provide safe and secure communities for its customers and their families.

Anti social behaviour (ASB) can have a serious impact on individuals and communities. We will work with other agencies to provide support to victims and take action against people who commit ASB.

You can report anti social behaviour using the following form.
What form of behaviour is classified as ‘anti social’?

ASB can take many forms such as noise nuisance, harassment, verbal abuse and violence. The majority of ASB issues can be resolved by talking to each other and will not need any formal intervention. However, for more serious incidents of ASB, SARH will often work with partner agencies, such as Neighbourhood Policing Teams, to bring about a resolution to the issues.

Good Neighbour Approach

Adopting a ‘good neighbour approach’, by showing respect, consideration and tolerance to each other and being mindful of the effect behaviour has on others is the key to a safe and secure community.

Work with us to resolve ASB issues

If you witness ASB then please tell us as much as you can about what is happening. Keep a diary to track events as they happen as this will be useful if we need to work with other partner agencies to help resolve issues.
Tell us about ASB issues by completing this form or contacting us.
A SARH Neighbourhood Services Officer will get in touch with you as soon as possible to agree the next steps.

What happens next?

If you report ASB we will discuss the details of the complaint with you and explain what action we will take. We will also explain what support we can offer, who you should contact at SARH if there are any further problems and will keep you informed of progress.
In most cases we will write to or interview the person allegedly causing the nuisance and ask for their views on the nature of the complaint. If they have been causing the nuisance we will ask them to change their behaviour. We will tell them about the action we will take if they do not comply with their tenancy agreement.
If the ASB continues we may need you to help us collect evidence by keeping records of incidents. Where the nuisance or ASB is serious, we will take legal action against the person concerned, which may include applying to the courts for possession of the property.


The SARH Anti Social Behaviour Policy can be viewed here.


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