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Damp and Condensation

Dampness in the home is generally caused by excess condensation. Condensation is moisture produced through everyday living.

In line with the Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) Repairs Charter, customers are responsible for:
• Treating dampness in the home caused by condensation
• Taking reasonable steps to reduce condensation in the home

The first signs of damp are generally found in corners of rooms, in or behind wardrobes and cupboards or around the inside of windows.

Treating dampness or mould

If you notice moisture or mould on walls and windows, you should clean the areas down with a fungicidal wash.

Reducing condensation in your home

After treating the affected area, it is important to take steps to reduce the condensation produced in your home and help prevent the problem happening again.
Mould will only grow if there are high levels of condensation.

No treatment will prevent mould permanently if measures are not taken to reduce this moisture, such as:
• Maintaining a stable temperature
• Keeping your home well ventilated and creating air flow in every room
• Keeping kitchen and bathroom doors closed when in use
• Avoiding drying clothes on radiators – use a clothes horse in a room with an extractor fan or an open window
• Wiping down any condensation to help prevent mould growth

Reducing condensation: Kitchen

• While cooking, place lids on saucepans, use extractor fans and open windows
• Keep the door shut to prevent moisture entering other rooms
• Ensure the tumble dryer is vented externally

Reducing condensation: Bathroom

• After using the bath or shower, open a window or run the extractor fan for at least 15 minutes
• Keep the door shut to prevent moisture entering other rooms

Reducing condensation: Bedroom

• Try not to over-fill wardrobes as this stops air circulation
• Avoid placing furniture against the colder outside walls
• Avoid storing items under beds

Treatment and décor

• If walls are stained, ‘stain block’ paint should be used before redecorating. This will prevent old stains from reappearing.
• Use specialist ‘washable’ paint in areas where condensation gathers

Further help

If you have treated the problem and followed this advice but damp continues to be a problem in your home, please contact us.