Fire Safety advice – Pennycrofts Court

SARH takes our responsibilities concerning fire safety very seriously and robust fire safety measures are in place and regular fire safety checks are carried out.

Click here to download the Staffordshire Fire Safety notice that gives information about what to do in an emergency.

If you have any general concerns please contact SARH on 0800 111 4554 which is a 24 hour, seven days a week service.

How many floors and flats does the Pennycrofts building have?

Pennycrofts Court is 16 stories high including the ground floor and has 76 flats. 60 flats are contained in the main building and 16 flats in the annex. The building has not been fitted with external cladding.

What is the advice for those living in Pennycrofts Court should a fire break out?

Pennycrofts Court was designed with fire safety as a priority. Flats have doors, walls and floors designed to stop fire and smoke from spreading to other areas of the building. Strict fire safety regulations and safeguards are also in place to stop a fire spreading should one ever break out.

Customers should be aware that the advice given by Staffordshire Fire Service is as follows:

Where is the Fire Assembly point at Pennycrofts Court?

The Fire Assembly point at Pennycrofts Court is by the seating area next to the garages.

Does Pennycrofts Court have a valid Fire Safety certificate?

Yes, a Fire Risk Assessment was carried out by a fire safety specialist in October 2016.
Staffordshire Fire Service regularly visits Pennycrofts Court to test their response should there ever be an incident at the block.

SARH makes daily checks of communal areas and stairwells so that they stay free from obstructions and other potential fire hazards.

Is there a sprinkler system fitted at Pennycrofts Court?

Not currently. Pennycrofts Court has dry risers, which are pipes used by the fire service to distribute water to multiple levels of a building.

What assistance is available to older people who live on the higher floors at Pennycrofts Court who would not be able to use the stairs easily?

In the light of recent events, SARH will provide Staffordshire Fire Service with a list of all vulnerable customers living in Pennycrofts Court who may be less able to evacuate SARH properties in the event of an emergency. The list will be regularly updated and held in a central location and the Fire Service will be aware of where to find the list. This information will also be held by the SARH 24 hour contact centre.

Will SARH consult with residents when the planned cladding is going to be put on Pennycrofts as customers have heard it is going to be done?

There are no confirmed plans for the refurbishment of Pennycrofts Court at this time and a full fire risk assessment would be completed before any plans are put forward. SARH can confirm that customers are always consulted about proposed refurbishments.

All work is delivered in-line with current fire safety legislation as a minimum. Once we know the full details of the investigation into the fire in Grenfell Tower, SARH will evaluate and where possible implement any additional measures highlighted to prevent anything similar happening in Stafford.

Will SARH send a letter to all tenants to confirm the process they should follow if there is a fire for reassurance?

For speed, SARH has provided up to date advice through the SARH website. However, letters containing this update will also be sent to all those living in Pennycrofts Court together with an A4 poster from Staffordshire Fire Service that reminds everyone what to do in the event of a fire. The poster can also be downloaded here.

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