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Home Improvements

Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) encourages you to give your home a make-over from time to time by redecorating.

There is no need to ask SARH for permission to carry out minor alterations such as decorating but please remember that even minor works can cause noise and potential disruption to your neighbours.

Major works will require written permission from SARH. SARH has an annual replacement programme which may include some of these improvements.

Online permission form

Permissions for major works

We will need to know in advance if you are considering doing more major works such as fitting a shower, installing a kitchen or changing windows.
We will discuss your plans with you and, if necessary, arrange for a technical officer to visit you before we make a decision. You may also need to obtain planning permission and/or building regulations approval before starting some works.
We will not refuse permission unless we have a good reason to do so and will explain why.

Home Improvements permission form

If you have already made changes or improvements to your home and did not get permission please contact us for advice.

Internal and external decoration

Internal and external decoration

Internal decoration – we recommend that you decorate your home periodically to maintain the integrity of the building. Any existing textured coatings applied to walls or ceilings must not be disturbed – or new applied. Please contact us for advice.

External decoration – we do not give permission for decorating external surfaces with a few minor exceptions such as fences, gates and timber sheds, to be in-keeping with the environment.

Laminate flooring

You may apply for permission to install laminate flooring. However, please note that if we need access to floor-boards or services, laminate flooring may have to be taken up and could be damaged in the process. The cost to re-instate laminate flooring would be your responsibility. Please contact us for advice.

Kitchens, bathrooms and internal doors

You may apply for permission to install a kitchen, bathroom, shower or internal doors in your home at your own expense.
SARH also has an annual replacement programme which includes these improvements.

Heating and water

We do not give permission to install heating systems such as electric, gas, LPG, solid fuel or any other type heating/renewable energy system.
You may apply for permission to replace an existing electric or gas fire at your own expense by a qualified tradesperson.
You are required to provide a minor works certificate from a qualified electrician or gas safety registered tradesperson once the work is complete.
SARH has teamed up with Stoke-based charity Beat the Cold to help its customers keep warm whilst saving money over the winter months. For more information see Warmer Homes Stafford.

SARH also has an annual replacement programme which includes heating systems.


You may apply for permission to install a water meter.
Water companies do not normally charge for this service unless alteration to pipework is necessary.

Structural works

It is important that you do not do anything that is likely to damage the structure of buildings (such as walls, windows, door frames, roofing or outhouses) or cause damage to shared facilities (such as plumbing and sewage systems, electricity, gas supplies or shared property boundaries).
You may apply for permission to construct a porch, veranda (lean-to), wall, fence or shed.

Satellite dishes

You may apply for permission to install a satellite dish. However, applications may be subject to Council regulations or be refused.
Please complete a permission form before any works commence if you wish to put up a satellite dish, especially if you live in a flat.

Security devices

You may apply for permission to fit security lighting or cameras at your own expense.


You may apply for permission to install a driveway at your own expense once a vehicle access crossing is in place.
Please submit your written Highways approval for a vehicle access crossing and all relevant drawings for our consideration with your permission application form.
Written Highways approval can be obtained from Staffordshire County Council Highways department.
A non-refundable payment is payable to Highways on your application for a vehicle crossing. For more information, visit the Staffordshire County Council website.


You may apply for permission to install or renew existing fencing.
In some instances applications may be subject to Highways approval or Stafford Borough Council planning restrictions.

“I’ve been able to add my own finishing touches including a huge picture of the New York skyline that fills one wall.”

Jeremy ‘Jez’ Evans, SARH Customer