Home Improvements permission form

We will need to know in advance if you are considering doing more major works such as fitting a shower, installing a kitchen or changing windows.

We will discuss your plans with you and, if necessary, arrange for a technical officer to visit you before we make a decision.
If you have already made major changes or improvements to your home and did not get permission please contact us for advice.
For more information about making Home Improvements please click here.

Application for permission to carry out work to a property owned by SARH

  • Please complete this form if you intend to carry out any major improvement, alteration or addition to your home.
    You must attach detailed plans and specifications (fully describing the nature and scope of the work required) of the improvements you intend to make, and copies of any survey reports and permissions. This can be done at the end of this form.
    Before you start any work, you MUST have written agreement from Stafford and Rural Homes. We reserve the right to refuse permission.
    PLEASE NOTE: If there is rent arrears on your account or you have not provided all information requested, permission will be denied.

Details of work


Plans and specifications

  • Please do not start any works until you have our decision in writing.

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