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Leaving your SARH Home

Important advice if you are leaving your Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) home.

Required notice

Customers must give at least four weeks written notice to terminate their tenancy with SARH. There are two exceptions to this
• If someone has died – two weeks notice is acceptable
• If you are a tenant and transferring to another SARH property – a minimum of two weeks notice is required

SARH will ask you to complete a Tenancy Termination Form to confirm you wish to terminate your tenancy. If you give less than four weeks notice you will still be charged for four weeks rent. The notice will expire at 12 noon on the Monday of the fourth week, following receipt of your signed Tenancy Termination Form. You can complete the form online here.

You are responsible for rent and any other charges until the expiry of your notice. Your rent account should be up to date when you leave. If you owe any rent you should make arrangements to pay before you leave your property.


To help us to re-let your home as quickly as possible, we will agree a date and time for an inspection of your home, usually within the following 48 hours. This is to identify any issues which may need to be resolved before your keys are returned to us and to note any details to help advertise your property. If you are joint tenants, only one joint tenant needs to give notice and this will end the tenancy for all joint tenants.

Forwarding address

You should provide a forwarding address and telephone number when you give notice to end your tenancy agreement. Please also remember to tell your electricity, gas, water and telephone companies that you are moving and arrange for your mail to be redirected to your new address.

Fixtures and fittings

You must remove all furniture, personal possessions and rubbish and leave the property, all fixtures and fittings, and garden in a clean condition.

During the four week notice period

SARH may request access to the property to allow prospective customers to view inside the property.

Charges for damage

You will be charged if we have to clean the property and if we have to remove any goods and possessions you have left. You will also be charged for any damage to the property that is not due to normal day to day use.

Leaving your home

You can leave the property during the notice period but you must inform us that you have done so and hand the keys in to us. This will help us to re-let the property quickly to somebody waiting for housing. You will however be liable for rent up to the date of the expiry of the notice.

Reference requests

If you are moving to a private landlord and require a reference, SARH can provide one. • There is a charge associated with this service, unless you are moving to another Housing Association. • References are normally provided within 5 working days of payment. • Housing Associations can request a reference directly on • Private Landlords can request a reference directly on The reference will only be provided when payment has been received. Contact us or visit SARH if you would like to request a reference.