Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) aims to provide a repairs service that meets the high standards you expect, provides excellent value for money, safeguards the future of your home and protects the environment.

Our aims are set out in the SARH Repairs Charter which we regularly review and update with our customers. Please note that the SARH Repairs Charter does not apply to new build properties during the defects period.

Report a repair online

See below for information about when the work will be done.

Please note: Repair dates are allocated when they are received, whether you report a repair online or by phone.

Emergency repair requests - same day

SARH operates a service to enable our customers to report Emergency Repair requests. The service is always open, and we will attend on the same day that you report an Emergency Repair.
Emergency Repairs include:
• A loss of water
• A burst pipe
• Flooding
• Severe storm damage
• Total loss of the electricity supply
• A major fault with the electricity supply
• An unsafe electrical fitting
• A breach of security to outside doors and windows
• A loss of gas supply (where this exists)
• A gas leak
• A blocked flue
• A blocked rubbish chute
• A blockage in the main drains, soil pipe or toilet (if there is no other toilet in your home)
• Space heating or hot water loss for elderly or vulnerable customers
• Lift failure
• A community alarm or call system failure
• Fire damage
• Offensive or racist graffiti
• Any other event that needs immediate action to ensure your safety or security

Please note that you may be charged a call out fee if:
• The repair requested is not a genuine emergency
• You have deliberately caused the damage
• You are not at the property when we attend to the emergency repair request

Urgent repair requests - within 5 days

SARH will make every effort to complete urgent repairs within 5 calendar days of receiving your request.
Urgent Repairs include:
• Plumbing leaks or defects (if burst see Emergency repair requests)
• Blocked drains, sinks, basins, baths or toilets (where there is a second toilet)
• Defective cistern or overflow
• Heating faults or breakdowns
• Hot water faults or breakdowns
• Minor electrical faults
• Significant roof leaks
• Breaches of security or safety to internal doors
• Failure of entry phone
• Graffiti
• Faulty extractor fan
• Faulty shower
• Defective flooring (if trip hazard see Emergency repair requests)
• Faulty communal TV aerial, damage to stair treads, handrails or banisters (if unsafe see Emergency repair requests)

Routine repair requests - within 21 days

SARH will make every effort to complete routine repairs within 21 calendar days of receiving your request.
Routine repairs include isolated repairs to:
• Doors, windows and floors
• External walls, fences and paths
• Interior walls
• Roof coverings (no significant leak evident)
• Gutters and downpipes including cleaning
• Kitchen fittings
• Plasterwork

SARH Repairs service

SARH is generally responsible for maintaining your home. This includes repairing the structure and exterior of your home, the supply of water, gas and electricity and facilities for heating, hot water and sanitation. SARH will also decorate the exterior of your home when necessary, unless, with our written permission, you wish to do this.
Repairs services are normally available to all SARH Customers. This includes repairs to:
• Walls, floors and ceilings
• Window frames and external doors
• Roofs, drain pipes and gutters
• Toilets, baths, sinks, gas pipes and water pipes
• Fires, boilers, radiators, storage heaters and immersion heaters
• Light switches, light fittings, sockets and wiring
• Communal stairs, lifts, landings, pavements and rubbish chutes

SARH may limit your use of the repairs service if:
• You have not paid your rent on time for at least 12 weeks
• You have not paid for other chargeable repairs or services
• You have a breach of tenancy ie for anti-social behaviour or notice of possession or have a proven history of violent or abusive behaviour to SARH staff or its representatives
• You have missed 6 consecutive repairs appointments in the past 6 months
• The repair will be completed as part of a planned SARH investment programme
• You have applied to buy your home
• An abandonment notice has been issued

SARH Customer repair responsibilities

SARH Customers are responsible for certain repairs and the general upkeep of their home. SARH can offer free help and advice to deal with some of these issues. SARH may also complete the work for you if you agree to pay for it.
• Replacing broken or cracked glass
Gaining access and replacing keys
• Dealing with dampness caused by condensation
Taking reasonable steps to prevent condensation

SARH customers are also responsible for:
• Repairs to fittings you have installed or accepted at the start of your tenancy, including shelves, wardrobes and laminate flooring
• Putting right any damage caused by you, your family or visitors
• Fitting additional locks
• Bleeding radiators
• Dealing with tripped switches, fuses and light bulbs
• Attempting to clear waste pipe blockages
• Repairing minor cracks and holes in walls and ceilings
• Maintaining television aerials and your own reception equipment
• Repairing fences and gates that do not form a boundary with a public road or footpath
• All internal decoration
• Gardening
• Keeping the property clean and in good order
• Taking steps to stop further damage once a fault has been identified
• Obtaining written permission before making alterations to your property
• Reporting criminal damage or vandalism to the police (please note the Crime Reference Number you are given)
Repairs you make yourself must be completed to a good standard.

SARH have developed 'How To' videos to provide guidance on things that fall under customer's responsibility. A full list of videos can be seen here.

Gas and Solid Fuel servicing

SARH has a duty by law to annually inspect and ensure all gas appliances in your home are safe to use, including gas cookers. You must allow SARH reasonable access to the property to carry out these safety checks.
SARH also carries out annual service checks on solid fuel and certain electrical appliances within your home.
We will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment date and time.

SARH Repairs Charter

Our aims are set out in the SARH Repairs Charter which we regularly review and update with our customers. Please note that the SARH Repairs Charter does not apply to new build properties during the defects period.


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