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Request a repair

Due to the impact of Covid-19, our response time to non-emergency repairs may take longer than usual. 

Repairs are an important part of looking after your home. Sometimes repairs are necessary because of general wear and tear or because things go wrong and need a little extra attention.

You can request a non-emergency repair by completing our online form below. Please DO NOT use this form to report emergency repairs.

Report a non-emergency repair 

If you have an emergency repair, please call us on 0800 111 4554 (includes out of hours emergency repairs).

All repair requests are categorised in our responsive repair and heating/hot water repair timescales listed below.

Responsive general repairs

We have upgraded our repair timescales to ensure that repairs are completed quickly and efficiently. This is what you can expect from our new and improved service:


Repair category Repair timescale Repair description Repair example


Within 4 hours Repairs that present a health and safety risk and/or cause real danger to people or property. Unsecure door/ window causing security issue



–       Repairs that take less than 1 hour to complete

–       All other routine repairs


Within 24 hours


Within 17 days


Repairs that cause significant inconvenience but are not a health and safety risk.

Minor repairs that are not urgent.


Replacement tap


Joinery repair

Major works


60 days*

*The timescale may increase if specialist work is required.

Jobs where the work costs more than £500 or will take longer than a day to complete. Rebuild brick wall

Please note that adverse weather conditions can impact on us being able to deliver repairs within these advertised timescales.

Responsive heating and hot water repairs

All of our heating and hot water repairs are carried out by our contractors, Phoenix Gas.

Repair category Repair timescale Repair examples
Emergency 6 hours No heating or hot water. (Winter period only 1 Oct – 31 March)

Uncontrollable water leak.

Report of gas leak, carbon monoxide or fumes.

For all emergency repairs an engineer will attend within 6 hours to make safe and fix the problem.  If this is not possible alternative heating will be provided until the issue can be resolved within the timescales listed below:
5 days Gas combi boiler repair.
10 days Fire back boiler, solid or oil fuel appliance repair.
Solar thermal system repair.
Non-urgent 15 days Problem with room thermostat or radiator valve Dripping radiator

Please note that adverse weather conditions can have an impact on Phoenix Gas being able to deliver repairs within these advertised timescales.