BeConnected is back!

Although we are unable to deliver our usually packed programme of social events in person, we have been looking at ways that we can stay connected and help those that may feel lonely or isolated.

At least for now, the new BeConnected programme will focus on connecting with customers at home via group telephone calls. It is easy to take part, and each activity is open to the first 20 people who phone in on the day and at the time of the activity – there is no need to book. 

All you have to do is call the phone number provided (see call rates below) * from your landline or your mobile phone to join in. 

We have made activities shorter, to keep your call costs down, but have offered more time slots, so more people can take part. The activities are designed to be like those you would normally take part in, the only difference is that you will be taking part from the comfort and safety of your own home.

If you are not already a member, you can register here

Upcoming activities

September October 2020

To join an activity group call ring 07953 966 666* on the day and time of the session and enter the conference ID number next to the activity when prompted.

Remember calls are to a mobile number and are charged accordingly.  If you have a mobile phone with inclusive minutes, they will be part of your minutes. If not, they will be charged at the rate of a mobile phone call.

BC timetable - Sept

BC timetable - Oct



How it works
  • Call the group telephone call number 07953 966 666* on the allotted day and time from your phone (mobile or landline).
  • When prompted, enter the conference call pin code that is next to the activity you want to attend - this will join you to the group telephone call.

Don’t worry if there are no spaces available for that time slot, please just try again on the next session. 

What does it cost?

Calls to group telephone call are included in all EE Price Plans and will come out of an inclusive benefit as part of your package, if you are with EE.

If you are on another network, the calls will be charged as if it’s a normal call to a mobile number.

Calls from landlines will be charged as if it’s a normal call to a mobile number.

Other Opt-in Services we are now going to be providing
  1. Telephone Befriending

Now that we have this telephone-based activity programme, we will stop the regular calls to all BeConnected members that began during lockdown. If you would still like to receive these calls, you will need to opt in by emailing

2.  Seated Exercise DVD

We are developing a chair-based exercise DVD with our providers, including Tai Chi, Bollywood Bombay Jam©, Yoga and mindfulness. If you would like to receive a free DVD when they become available, please opt in by emailing

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