SARH Your Voice Matters Facebook Group

The SARH Your Voice Matters Group is a forum for customers to feedback on a range of subject areas. The group provides a voice to customers giving the opportunity to express what really matters to them and the people living in their neighborhoods.

SARH post topics for discussion from various areas of the business, allowing members to respond via comments and basic surveys. Those involved are also encouraged to share their own ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

This valuable feedback will assist the SARH in making improvements in delivering the best possible service to customers. SARH will share feedback with members so they can see the real difference they have made.



Why become a member of the SARH Your Voice Matters Group?

  • The online forum is a great way for customers to get involved where accessibility or time may be an issue
  •  The group allows customers to have their voice heard from the comfort of their own home or while on the go
  • Members will have a say in the way SARH delivers its services to customers
  • The group will make a difference by improving services
  • The group will ensure accountability to customers
  • Members will increase knowledge and gain in-depth insight into local housing issues

If you are a customer and would like to get involved in this new and exciting opportunity please click here to be directed to the SARH Your Voice Matters Facebook Group.

Membership to the group is subject to approval by SARH. SARH will complete necessary checks to ensure customers are not in rent arrears, have any tenancy issues or outstanding complaints.

** Customers will be expected to agree to a Code of Conduct on registration.

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