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BeConnected – Join us

You can use this form to register as a BeConnected member to attend events. Once you are registered you can book onto events.

If you would like to register your interest in volunteering with the BeConnected project, please use this form instead.

BeConnected - service users

  • Please list any events you may be particularly interested in attending.
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    1- Often feel lonely and isolated, rarely interact with people or groups. Do not feel any sense of belonging to the local community. 10- Attends groups, socialises with others and feels connected to the community
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    1- Lack confidence and motivation, Poor mental and physical wellbeing. Low self esteem and loss of interest in the things around me. 10- Feel positive about the future, mentally and physically well. Feeling confident and motivated to engage with the world around me.
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    1- Inactive, rarely leave home 10- Regularly take part in social or group activities and feel well. I take good care of my physical and mental health.
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