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Warmer Homes Stafford Scheme

Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) has teamed up with Stoke-based charity Beat the Cold to help its customers keep warm whilst saving money over the winter months.

Beat the Cold’s Warmer Homes Stafford Scheme aims to ensure vulnerable SARH customers stay safe and healthy this winter.

Simple steps from SARH

SARH want to do all we can to ensure our vulnerable customers including the elderly, disabled and families with young children, stay safe this winter. A few simple tips should help everyone to save a little on their heating bills.
Simple steps you can take to keep warm, safe and healthy include:
• Heat the room that you use, turn radiators down or off and keep the doors shut on rooms that do not need to be heated.
• Wear a few layers of thin clothing rather than one thick layer
• Use draft excluders and make sure windows and doors are closed.
• Turn the heating down or use the timer option if you are not home, and also at night time when everyone is tucked up in bed.

Help to find the best heating deal

Beat the Cold is also working with the SARH Money Advice team to help people get the most from their energy supplier. This may include checking you are on the right tariff, switching off unused electrical equipment, using low-energy light bulbs or even switching supplier.

Many people believe that being cold is just uncomfortable, but it can also be very bad for your health. Sitting or sleeping in the cold can increase the risk of a heart attack, stroke or breathing problems.