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MyVoice – Get involved

Discover the many ways that you can share your views, get involved with your community and help us improve our services. 

We are committed to offering you a range of opportunities to share your feedback on our services, influence the decisions that are made about your home and improve the way that wwork. 

In partnership with our involved customers and Homes board we have undertaken an in-depth review ocustomer involvement and developed MyVoice. 

What is MyVoice? 

MyVoice is made up of five key measures to ensure that we regularly seek customer experience feedback through our: 

  1. Scrutiny Group
  2. Transactional surveys 
  3. STAR tracker survey 
  4. Complaints 
  5. Locality Deep Dive 

Feedback gathered from this extensive range of measures will ensure that your voice is heard and used to inform and influence service improvement recommendations. 

You can find out more about each of the five key measures listed above in the drop-down sections below. 

Scrutiny Group

The Scrutiny group is customerled and made up of involved customers.  The group act as a ‘critical friend’ who challenge performance by reviewing services and proposing improvements. 

The group gives customers a strong collective voice, ensuring experiences are routinely considered and performance and decision making is challenged. 

Two in depth service reviews are carried out by the Scrutiny group each year. 

Transactional surveys

Transactional surveys take place after a service has been delivered. Customers are contacted and asked for feedback on their experience and any suggestions they may have for improvement. 

STAR tracker survey

The STAR tracker survey is an established framework for undertaking customer perception surveys which has been used widely in the housing sector since 2011. 

Customers are contacted by Acuity, our contractor, and asked the same tracker survey questions over a period of time. This enables us to track any changes and find trends which help us to understand how our customers are feeling and highlight any specific services or areas that we need to focus our attention on. 

The survey aims to: 

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of customer perceptions about current services 
  • Identify any gaps between service levels and customer expectations which will be used to inform business decisions and service design  
  • Compare the results with previous surveys 
  • Collect key performance information to enable benchmarking of service standards and value for money 


A new complaints policy is being launched on 1 April 2021, following an extensive review which took into consideration: 

  • Feedback from customers across the Group who had experienced our complaints process 
  • The Housing Ombudsman’s complaints handling code that came into effect in September 2020 
  • The Government’s white paper published in November 2020.  

The new complaints policy makes it even easier for customers to make a complaint, whether online, via our websites and social media accounts, over the phone or in writing. The stages have also been simplified to ensure that complaints are investigated by the relevant service team and resolved as quickly as possible.  

Complaints are individually analysed and reviewed against transactional and STAR surveys results and any other feedback to enable us to see if there are issues with service, staff member or internal process. 

To view our complaints policy and process please visit our complaints page.

Locality Deep Dive

Every 6 months we will analyse feedback from all of the above elements to identify where there is an apparent ‘hot spot’ of dissatisfaction and recommend that locality deep dive is carried out. 

The locality deep dive will make recommendations on the best routes to address any issues identified using one or a combination of: 

  • Estate Walkabouts 
  • Task and finish groups 
  • Commissioning a Scrutiny group project 
  • Customer focus groups 

Following the review, and in line with reporting timescales, any outcomes and actions required will be agreed with our Group heads of service. 

Satisfaction levels will continue to be monitored through transactional surveys, the STAR tracker survey and complaints so that we can assess the impact of any agreed actions. 

How do I get involved? 

You don’t need any previous experience to get involved, just enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference. It’s also a great way to meet new people, gain valuable volunteering experience and boost your work-related skills. 

There are a range of different ways that you can get involved. You can join our customer-led scrutiny panel who regularly meet, share your views by completing online surveys or tell us what you think over the phone or by email. 

It’s really easy to get involved! Just complete our online form below and a member of our customer voice team will be in touch to explain how you can volunteer your time and make sure your voice is heard. 

Register to get involved

What are the regulatory standards?

As a registered social landlord, there are a number of regulatory standards we had to take into consideration when developing MyVoice.

The Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard requires housing providers to provide choices, information and communication that is appropriate to the diverse needs of their tenants in the delivery of all standards.

The Government’s social housing white paper published in November 2020 sets out the actions the government will take to ensure that residents in social housing are safe, are listened to, live in good quality homes, and have access to redress when things go wrong.

Together with Tenants was developed by the NHF in response to the Housing Green Paper. The National Housing Federation’s (NHF) Together with Tenants revised plan and next steps was published in 2019.  You can find out more about Together with Tenants below.

National Housing Federation’s together with Tenants

MyVoice also recognises and supports the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants campaign aimed at shaping the way that housing associations listen to their customers now and in the future.  You can find out more here.