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Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) customers can now securely check their rent account balance and details using SARH Online.

SARH Online

SARH text service

You can instantly check your rent balance via text. Find out more.

What you will need to register for SARH Online

• A SARH unique reference number. You can use your Tenancy Reference number which can be found on your tenancy agreement or your Payment Reference number which is quoted on your payment card/paper rent statements as your SARH unique reference number. • The email address you would like SARH to use to get in touch with you. • A phone number we can reach you on if there are any problems with your registration. If any of the details entered do not match the records held by SARH, an error message will be displayed stating that "the system is unable to uniquely identify you from the details given”. Please try again. However, if too many unsuccessful attempts have been made the site will close. If this happens, please contact us.

After registration

Within five working days from date of registration, you will receive two separate letters. One letter contains a unique user identifier (username) and the other contains a system generated password. These can both be changed later. These two separate letters provide additional security for users. When both letters have been received, you can use the details to log in to online services. If either letter is not received within 10 days, please contact us.

Logging in for the first time

Customers can change to a new unique and importantly memorable username when they first log in. You may also opt to enter a new password. You will be prompted to choose a secure password if you opt to change the one previously assigned by SARH. Add a memorable question and answer in order to help you recover your account in the event that you forget your log in details.

Making payments

SARH provides a number of online and offline rent payment options so you can choose the one most suitable for you. Learn about the payment options available.

Reporting repairs

SARH aims to provide a repairs service that meets the high standards you expect. You can report a repair online or learn more about our repairs service.

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